We succeed where others fail because we are dedicated to our clients success and the computer science industry in general!


Our success is due to the fact that we understand all aspects of how a product comes together. There is no divisive hardware v.s. software. We understand what truly brings together things like front end, and back end development. We see the whole picture. This helps you, even when we are only using one aspect of our skills, because we understand how it will effect all parts of your project.


When tasked with providing complete end to end development services, we shine because there is no question of resulting in a high quality well integrated solution. Our talents are flexible, and well suited to any challenge. In the cooperative game of Computer Science we have the complete understanding needed to get the job done. That's our success.


With decades of experience in this field, we are always ready for the next big thing. Let OUR success be YOUR success.

Vincent Risalvato


Our co-founder has been creating solutions for more than two decades. His experience is both technical and entrepreneurial so he understands what a business needs to succeed.


Contact us for his full CV and that of our other engineers.

Testimonials of Our Success


Vince has worked for us for many years on a multitude of products. His vast knowledge on servers, firewalls, creating infra-structure, programming in various languages (e.g. C++, Java, etc) has helped us many times. Many times he has bent over backwards to help us out of a tight spot evn if it meant spending sleepless nights working on a project. I could depend on him and in this business that is absolutely crucial for us. I would recommend him without any hesitation and I know he will take care of you as he has been there for us this many years. Thanx Vince.

— Arun B.


I had the pleasure of utilizing Vince's vast technology experience in multiple areas of my last venture. I found him to be understanding of my needs, provide solutions that were meaningful in the now and future needs of the organization, and committed in meeting deadlines. He demonstrates a great work ethic and is always available to assist in a time of need.

— Fred C.


Vincent was a strong manager at Rivar. Under his leadership, we launched our first product, on time, at Comdex and received an award for our efforts. As CTO and Owner, he was effective at motivating employees and managing workloads, and always kept the best interests of the company in mind. I would readily recommend him for similar leadership roles in the software industry.

— Darren H.


I have had the pleasure to work with Vincent Risalvato throughout several successful ventures. These included starting up companies, performing acquisitions and ultimately executing exit strategies by selling some of those company's. At Digital Chainsaw/Net Performance Vince came into a situation where we had grown out of control with limited resources and staff. Vince was the technology lead for re-tooling the company and turning customer satisfaction around. He built a world class data center, managed a team of ten IT support and customer service staff and supported our web development efforts. Vince was a key asset in raising capital, preparing and presenting proposals and merger analysis as we acquired companies and ultimately his systems integration software became a key part of the reason we where able to sell the company to Paul Allen (Co-Founder of Microsoft's) Vulcan Ventures HSAC. Vince was highly involved and met with key personnel related to investment, acquisitions, acc

— Gary A.


Vince is great to work with. Appreciated his expertise and honesty in helping us develop a great solution for our needs. Highly recommend his work!!!!

— Jeff S.


Vince has been doing exceptional work with us for years, he is honest and a straight shooter.

— Joe C.


I have had the pleasure of working with Vince recently on an application penetration test and code review engagement for a large customer of ours where he provided lead investigator consulting services. Vince has outstanding technical knowledge coupled with solid customer communications skills. He is meticulous, thorough, dependable, and professional. The customer for this project, albeit challenging at times, has expressed great satisfaction with Vince's deliverables. I enjoyed working with Vince and look forward to working with him again in the future!

— Chet K.





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